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Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Welcome to Abied’s Blog !!!!

This is a simple blog that compiles articles related to Islamic studies, especially study of islamic law. Most of the articles have been published in scholarly academic journals. Therefore, the articles has been reviewed by reviewer .

Publishing academic articles in this blog is part of scientific and knowledge sharing efforts. I hope this can provide benefits for millennial readers in the middle of the lively use of Internet media in accessing information and science.

This personal web is dedicated for academic purposes, namely the means of articulation of ideas and the author’s communication with the reader. As a beginner Blogger, the blog is of course still very simple in terms of form and content. I am very pleased to have constructive suggestions from you.
Happy reading!


Abid Rohmanu, Lecturer at IAIN Ponorogo.

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  1. trims…artikel bapak sangat membantu saya..sya suka gaya bahasa yang bapak pakai..truslah menulis..

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