Tasawuf Falsafi


Oleh: Abid Rohmanu

IAIN Ponorogo

E-mail: abied76@iainponorogo.ac.id

Abstract: This article aims to study the relevance of Ibn ‘Arabi’s socio-political backgroud with the ideas of his sufism. It is a part of the effort to understsnd the ideas of his sufism that are controversial and difficult to be interpreted – besides the study of the students and his generations afterwards campaigned for his thought. The thought of his culmination about wah}dat al-wujud (oneness of being) is a thought that is always miss-understood by many circles of society. By understanding the concept of tajalli which is the central doctrin of wahdat al-wujud and his socio-political background, miss-understanding of his thought can be minimized.

Keywords: Tasawwuf, wahdat al-wujud, moralitas, dan fiqh.

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